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3 Horse Championship Race

With only one game left in the regular season, the picture is already getting clearer on the two teams likely to make the championship game. Black Panther, a team that has shown flashes of effective game play have so far failed to convert that into a win and are the only team that is certainly eliminated, but, may have the proverbial king maker role. For the other three teams, it would seem like it can still go either way. Let us analyze where each team stands and what they need to do so secure a spot in the Shitsuke Flag Football League Championship Finals on May 13.

statisticians and analysts at the ready to crunch these numbers


TROGONS 5 – 3 – 0 (2 Losses against Anubis / 1 Loss  against Gidirons); Points for: 238, streak: W2

Vs. Gidirons

Win – They would need to beat the Gidirons in the finale by at least 5 points to secure a spot in the championship.

Loss – This will hand the tickets for the championship over to Gidirons for a showdown with the Anubis in the finals.  

ANUBIS 5 – 3 – 0 (2 Losses against Gidirons / 1 Loss against Trogons); Points for: 243, streak L2

Vs. Black Panther

Win – They will be guaranteed a spot in the finals.  They have the grace of being the afternoon game so know what their mission will be.

Loss – A loss for the Anubis will see them eliminated from the race.


GIDIRONS 6 – 2 – 0 (1 Loss against Anubis / 1 Loss against Trogons); Points for: 242, streak W4

Vs. Trogons

Win – They will be guaranteed a spot in the finals with a best 7-2-0 record.

Loss – They may still qualify with a loss if their total score is better than that of the Anubis by 1 point.


April 29th 2018 is certainly a date that should be marked in your calendars as it will go down to the wire.  It’s not over until it is all over. Truly, any given Sunday.

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