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Shitsuke Flag Football is the first and only (structured) Coed Flag Football League/Games, in Nigeria. Fun, exciting and centered on wellness and fitness activity.

I have always had a love for American Football and will always be very passionate about the game. My favorite team has always been the Washington Redskins, since that is my local team. HTTR!!!!

But I decided to start a flag football league here in Lagos, Nigeria because I know that there are many more people that love that game – just like I do. And it also allows the opportunity and platform to encourage people to come out and get active, while playing a very competitive and team oriented sport or just learning it all together.

– Commish (read his full interview HERE)

The games are coed and that makes it a fun activity for both male and female players.

It is a structured and organized league with proper rules and regulations that each game and each player is guided by.
Games are held every Sunday from 11am and we always look forward to adding new players to the group.

So come on out and let have some good fun!

Get Out. Get Active. Play Flag Football.

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