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All-Women Game Stars Speak

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The much anticipated Shitsuke Flag Football League All-Women’s Game is less than 24 hours away and we at SFF had to catch up the ladies of Team Venom and Team Onamaris.

They are all buzzed, as you can imagine, even our stats lady, Superwoman Yinka had to jump in on the action.


Let’s get down to it…


Team Venom

QB, Ashley

SFF: With this being the first All Women’s Game, what are your personal and team expectations?

Ashley: I couldn’t be more excited to be playing with Team Venom.  We have strong capabilities on both offense and defense that I expect to come out in full form.  I’m looking forward to bringing home a W.


SFF: How are you looking to play this game? Any trick plays?

Ashley: his is my first time ever QBing a game so I’m out of my normal receiver comfort zone.  I think we will bring things back to basics. No trick moves but I have taught the girls the classic spin move! 😉


SFF: With a slight change on the Mississippi count, is that a defensive or offensive advantage in your opinion?

Ashley: Hands down offensive advantage.


SFF: What does an All-Women’s Game mean to you and why?

Ashley: I never expected to come to Nigeria and play flag football, let alone in a co-ed league.  The women of this league have been the cornerstone of its success and to me the All-Women’s Game allows us to show our strengths and abilities for the broader community to see.


SFF: Sandra, OBJ, has been a beacon in the league since inception, and with this being her swansong. What message do you have for her, as a former teammate, now rival; and what should upcoming females look to when we talk about OBJ?

Ashley: I’ve got a lot of respect for Sandra, she’s the one who brought me into the league and had faith in me to draft me onto Anubis before I could try out.  It has always been a pleasure to line up with her and I’m sad to see her go. It wouldn’t be fair to send her off without one last challenge. So bring it on honey!


WR, Frau

SFF: How different will it be going up on offense against only females and with female quarterbacks?

Frau: Well towards mid till end of the spring season, I played predominantly at WR. I will say I have grown to be able to read plays and players as a skill so I know to an extent what the db on me will do. One of the challenges I faced was butterhands but all that is in the past before the end of last season so I am looking forward to catching more and scoring a TD for Team Venom when the opportunity presents itself .


SFF: How has the off-season started for you. You’ve re-signed with your team Black Panther. Tell us more?

Frau: Yes, I am with Black Panther.

We really were not given an opportunity last season. It was also a testing experience for most of the team players. This season the team is coming in with new vision , new strategies and to be honest it’s going to be a new fresh from the yard BP.

Watch out for us.

SFF: What does an All-Women’s Game mean to you and why?

Frau: The women of Shitsuke Flag Football League are creative and extraordinary players . The MVP for the championship game is a woman. The MVP for the Pro Bowl game is a woman. That should tell you a lot about the women of the Shitsuke Flag Football League.

You don’t want to miss our Game on the 19th of May 2018..



DB, Alice

SFF: How are you looking to play this game going up against your former league teammates?

Alice: When I get on the field, first and foremost, I want to have a good time because I love the game. Second, I play to win. So I am pumped about Saturday, ready to give my all to win, but most importantly, I want to have fun. So playing against former teammates is all good…we’re going to have fun! Whomever wins is secondary to me.


SFF: How has the off-season started for you. You’ve moved teams to the Lagos Rebels. Tell us more?

Alice: Super excited to train and connect with my new team and bring the trophy for Season 2 to Lagos Rebels.

I was away for a while during Season 1, and joined Gidirons close to the end of Season 1. Boy! was I blown away by the the skill level of all players. I went from a top 3 female (arguably) to not even being a starter – all in 3 months! So I realized that in order to up my game, I needed to get on a team that afforded me play time, which is a sacrifice for any team, and where I felt I could add the max value. Lagos Rebels is that team for Season 2.

SFF: What does an All-Women’s Game mean to you and why?

Alice: Football is one of the very few sports globally, that doesn’t have an established and recognized female league. For example, there’s currently no college female football league in the US. And football is arguably the highest grossing college sports. So the game on Saturday is critical because it demonstrates that not only do we have the talent, but also that there is interest in this sport from females.

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