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All-Women Game Stars Speak

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Team Onamaris

QB, Sandra aka OBJ

SFF: With this being the first All-Women’s Game, what are your personal and team expectations?

Sandra: My expectation and goal is to showcase the depth of female talent in the league. We tend to play only certain positions or routes in the co-ed game, but here, we are gonna do it all and do it well.


SFF: How are you looking to play this game? Any trick plays?

Sandra: Can’t disclose any secrets, but let’s just say we will showcase the full display of QB abilities.


SFF: With a slight change on the Mississippi count, is that a defensive or offensive advantage in your opinion?

Sandra: I think both sides of the ball can leverage it to do different things, changes the speed of offense, but adds other interesting things on offense and defense.


SFF: What does an All-Women’s Game mean to you and why?

Sandra: It’s super exciting to me!! I don’t know if the newer folks recall, but this goes way back. I’m a legendary trash talker in the league – and very early on I would say to Sina ‘just wait until I come through to a pickup game with my all female squad, I’m gonna light y’all up’!

Never could I have imagined that in fact we’d be able to do a full Women’s Game! Props to the ladies that came with this idea, great way for me to retire.

SFF: Sandra, OBJ, you’ve been a beacon in the league since inception, and with this being your swansong. What message do you have for upcoming females and the league in general?

Sandra: For the upcoming females, I encourage them all to continue learning the game and have confidence in their talent. If there is anything I want to be remembered for, it is for never being intimidated to play with the guys. I always believed I could play with them and still find a way to affect the game small small. When our ladies started understanding the same, that’s when they really started to shine across the league. With so many ladies being new to football, sky is the limit once we get a bit more football IQ.


Well to the league I’ll say farewell and ‘What’s my name… O-B-J!!!’

WR, Ijeoma aka IJ

SFF: How different will it be going up on offense against only females and with female quarterbacks?

Ijeoma: hehehe… very different .. but super excited I must say.

SFF: How has the off-season started for you. You’ve moved to the newly crowned SFFL Champions, The Gidirons . Tell us more?

Ijeoma: Well, first of all, the last few days have been very emotional and stressful for me… Having made the discussion to move to a different team, so peeps did not take it well but that’s the game .. we family first and I wanted to play on a different team and The Gidirons ticked all the boxes for me.

SFF: What does an All-Women’s Game mean to you and why?

Ijeoma: It means so so much you have no idea how super pumped and excited I am.


DB, Ojay

SFF: How are you looking to play this game going up against you league teammates?

Ojay: The reality is, there’s a little more anxiety, it’s not just another game but a completely unique and different experience going up against some of my teammates. I’m open to seeing how that goes.


SFF: How has the off-season started for you. You’ve re-signed with your team Black Panther. Tell us more?

Ojay: Beautiful! Time to relax, Showing up for practice with Black Panther (Watch out for us next season) Cheering out loud at the Championship game last Sunday, Training with the female team, ONOMARIS. It’s exhilarating!

Being with Black Panther seemed like the right move. Amazing team I must say, and I’m willing to step out of myself to be better. The team gave me that platform, and I don’t take that for granted.

SFF: What does an All-Women’s Game mean to you and why?

Ojay: Aha! The camaraderie of the females and the passion to win is what I’m most excited for. Then again, who doesn’t enjoy an All Female Game? (winks)


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