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Allure [by William P Obubo III]

One more step, one more rep,

One more try, one more time.

One more, and after that, one more.

The frills of this path we choose,

The thrills of this life we chose.

Speed, acceleration, deceleration, breaks.

Oh! This we do, over and over again.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many-

Lows. So many, so low, you are alone-

On an island of pain, worry and doubt.

Questioning every muscle and its fibre,

Every muscle and its twitch,

Every voice of hype and moment of celebration.

Questioning stride and stroke, every juke and jab.

Every kick and kill, every punch and play,

O! But the allure to this rush,-

This rush of adrenaline, testosterone, endorphins-

And oxytocin. This allure will call your name,

Through your snooze and slumber!

Wake Up! Rise Up! One more time!

Show ‘em what you got!



William P. Obubo III

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