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Anubis outgun Trogons in Battle of the Wings

The Anubis, rocking their new jerseys came to the party with one mission only… Shut it down and take the win.  In a game billed as the #BattleOfTheWings, only one team took flight chalking another W in their streak that now seems unstoppable.  With starting quarterback Jake back at the helm of affairs, he wasted no time in showing off his cannon arm with early gunslinging to star receiver Femi making his usual touchdown grab and another missle to the new kid on the block, Mayowa, who marked his debut with a fantastic touchdown grab in stride, showing off his pedigree as a former special teams specialist for the University of Hull Sharks.  

The Trogons quickly responded with a defensive score, from ballhawk Chuck-D, to keep them within reach of a comeback but for most of the game they were chasing the free flapping flight of the Winged Jackals.

Trogons quarterback, Pelumi, paid dearly for his erroneous marksmanship as he was forced to scramble early from the pressure the Anubis defensive line was bringing resulting in two pick-6s from Anubis defenders Emeka and Lanre.

Much has to be said of the successful defensive scheme the Anubis ran as it kept usual weapons of the Trogons, Will-I-Am and Fagha, pretty quiet for the most part in the game and with a depleted female contingent the Trogons were having to rely heavily on natural fitness levels of Malaika and Nneka as they played every snap of football on Sunday.  The Anubis capitalised on this as star receiver Ashley scored what may be deemed as the contentious call of the game when she was initially judged to have been out of bounds on her touchdown score. The referees converged and the ruling was overturned, a touchdown was awarded. The Trogons, once again, chasing the game responded with a touchdown from Farouk on a well executed fly route.  The Trogons defense also began to get in sync with their responsibilities and it became a midfield battle between the two teams.

With under a minute to go for the game, Nneka, co-owner and vocal leader of the Trogons, was left unguarded as she escaped traffic to score a touchdown.  The score was then 29-32, the Trogons needed a female score on the extra point and Malaika was the woman saddled with that responsibility, however, Tinuke, Anubis’ co-owner had no intention of letting that happen and timed her tackle with perfection.  Malaika came up short, and the Anubis had to control the clock to seal the win. Jake’s game-management was put to the test, with many short and safe completions to surehanded OBJ (Sandra) to kill the clock and eat up some field.

This game wasn’t done!  The Anubis were determined to put this to bed and beyond a comeback for the Trogons.  Their offense marched all the way to the redzone but the Trogons defense were on the cusp of shutting down a score, looking for a turnover with less than 30 seconds to go, and the momentum swinging in favour of the Trogons.

4th and goal, 21 seconds on the clock,  a score by the Anubis seals victory; a turnover for the Trogons gives them a last chance for a comeback win.  The stage couldn’t have been set any more perfect. The execution of the centre sneak play by the Anubis against a Trogons zone defense came down to a matter of inches, with returning defensive maestro, Chuma, showing a little rustiness, allowing the veteran pass catcher Commish (Bimbo) to put the game to bed and rubberstamp another win for the Anubis.  

Final score: 29-38

The victory sees a second defeat of the Trogons by the Anubis and a fourth straight victory for the Anubis who are leading the league with a 4-1-0 record.

With the Easter bye-week, we’ll have to wait until the 8th of April to see the response to defeat by the Trogons and for the all-guns-blazing Anubis going to Wakanda against a 0-5-0 Black Panther squad, how they continue their journey as the league leaders chasing the first Shitsuke Flag Football League championship.

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