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Black Panther end season on a high, deny Anubis last Championship spot

The Black Panther finally find their gears as they built on last week’s solid performance where they narrowly lost to Gidirons by playing a tie game after overtime versus Anubis. Their performance was also significant in determining who would face the Trogons in the final for the championship crown of the SFFL inaugural season.


Anubis had come into the game highly confident having beaten the Black Panther on two previous occasions in the season. The Black Panther had other ideas and it was evident that they were already building for the new season having found their cohesion. Highly prolific recruits of quarterback Usman and receiver Chinedu have helped transform the Black Panther into a fierce unit compared to the team they were earlier in the season.

Anubis started the first quarter brightly by scoring the first touchdown with Ijeoma who impressively scored by bringing the ball into her possession with one hand. Black Panther responded quickly with Big Tak intercepting and scoring on the Anubis extra point play. Black Panther giant receiver, Chinedu, was also quick to make his presence felt in the game by scoring a touchdown for his team in the first quarter with Ricky scoring the extra point. The first quarter was brought to a close with Black Panther leading the score 8-10


Anubis started the second quarter on the offense with Bimbo helping his team’s cause with a touchdown (14-10) and Ijeoma scoring an extra point (17-10). Black Panther, however, remained relentless as star player Bare, who was having a great game, responded with a touchdown for Black Panther(17-16).  They however failed to add on to their score with their extra point play. Anubis realizing they had a game on their hands reverted to their usual play of moving up the field with short plays.

Femi and Bimbo moved them just close to the endzone of the Black Panther and Usman got a pick from what began a series of picks from both teams. With offensive play returning to Anubis, Bimbo immediately called for a timeout for reorganization and an immediate reward was achieved as Anubis scored a touchdown via Scrapp (23-16). Big Tak pulled in another interception for a one point score for Black Panther during the extra point (23-17). The first half of the game ended with Scrapp hurling in an interception for the Anubis.

The third quarter saw Anubis’ defensive captain, Lanre, score from an interception for 29-17. At this point Anubis were almost assured of a win and a place in the championship. In a spirited fashion, the Black Panther pulled together to thrill fans with one of the best team displays of the season.


The start of the 4th quarter saw Tunji score a touchdown for his team to bring Black Panther back into contention (29-23). Anubis were being matched in every department on the field. Bare in his red hot form on the day made what appeared to be the save of the match when he intercepted what looked like a guaranteed touchdown for Femi of Anubis. At this point the fans had started going into a frenzy as it felt like the Black Panther were about to deliver what they had failed to do throughout the season. Ashley was quick to deflate any hope being nurtured by the fans and Black Panther by scoring a touchdown to keep a distance in the scores at (37-23). Bare again responded with a touchdown of his own to return scores within touching distance (37-29). With both teams failing to score after numerous interchange in plays, Kola intelligently calls for a timeout with 36 seconds left on the game clock. Their aim was obvious; score a female touchdown. The female players of Black Panther didn’t disappoint as Ricky fended off Tinuke to score and tie scores at (37-37). 15 seconds left on the clock and Black Panther looked about to pull out their first victory of the season on extra point. A lack of communication between Bare and Kola saw both of them collide in the Anubis endzone to miss out on an extra point touchdown and a potential victory. The game was brought to an end shortly after this. The match officials and the SFFL organizing committee consulted the rules book to decide on the next step in this unique situation. An overtime will be played.

The overtime rules was 1 minute for each team to have one drive starting from the 10 yard line.  

The overtime saw both teams cancel one another out completely after two halves of one minute play. The game was brought to an end with a 37-37 tie seeing Anubis miss out on the championship spot and Black Panther avoiding a loss. The performance of the Wakanda Warriors leaves one wondering what the season would have been like if they had this type of performance from their first league.


Final score: 37-37. Records Anubis (5-3-1); Black Panther (0-8-1)


MVP: Bare

Game MVP, Bare shouts down Commish

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