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Championship Preview Interview [Panthers v Rebels]

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The Panthers

Chanel (Co-owner)

SFF: Congratulations winning the Eko North Division in style, on and off the field.  Tell about us the mood in Panther Nation?

Chanel: We are happy! We proved a lot of people wrong by making it this far. We just want to enjoy this moment. It’s honestly quite beautiful

SFF: What a remarkable season you’ve had. You kept your squad, flipped your name and jerseys, and went on to dominate.  What the secret to the success?

Chanel: Recognizing each members’ strength and allowing them to shine. We are more of a family than a competitive team. We have a common goal and that’s to go out there and give our best. We just want to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Flag Football is just how we bond and creates our synergy.

SFF: How you looking to head into the Championship game?

Chanel: Simple. Practice, have fun and not allow any negative energy to enter our team dynamic.


Usman (Quarterback) and Nonso (Pass Rusher)

SFF: Usman, you’ve had a remarkable season.  Tell us how it feels?

Usman: It feels great, thanks to my teammates for making it happen and the one who started this league.


SFF: Nonso, you lead the league again in sacks with 12 sacks and this time you’re heading to your first Championship game.  How do you feel?

Nonso: I am super excited!!!

I have longed for it since the inception of the league…  though we (Panthers) didn’t come close in the first season.

The Championship is a result of a season-long preparation… there is no other place we could have been.

What do you have for breakfast on gameday?

Nonso: Game day.  I mostly just drink water and eat 4 boiled eggs.

The Sack King NOBUNAGA, first of his name

Ojay (Defensive Back) and Ayo (Wide Receiver)

SFF: Ojay, congratulations on being the league’s leader in tackles.  How does it feel being on top in your department and heading in the championship?

Ojay: Thank you William, it feels really great. I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything in the world.

I’m so thankful for a supportive community. My team, beautiful folks from teams in Shitsuke Flag Football who are open to training, listening to my questions and pointing me in the right direction of being a better defensive player.

Looking back on how far the game has broug

Tough tackler! Ojay

ht me, watching my first post-games clip (which was a flop) was enough to beat myself that this game was not for me but I never gave up. I realised that there were no shortcuts and not to take for granted the value of practice.


SFF: Ayo, you’ve found your comfort in the slot receiver role, how’s that worked out?

Ayo: It’s taken a lot of hard work, I feel like I’ve still got a TON more work to do, but it’s definitely really cool to see the effort pay off and to start to feel like a proper contributor to the team’s success

SFF: You’ve got to the championship in your first season, how does that feel?

Ayo: Feels really amazing.  Especially seeing how hard our team has worked. It’s truly been a team effort.

Ayo with the handzzz

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