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Fans Speak – Predict Trogons hangover & Black Panther slump

With the SSFL teams heading back to the practice field to tweak and refine plays for their Week 6 match-ups, we asked them what they thought could happen upon resumption.


The poll results were interesting to say the least as 46.4% of pollers predicting the Trogons (3-1-0) to carry a bye week hangover and that was further emphasised with 53.6% of pollers predicting a defeat for the Trogons in the upcoming game against Anubis (3-1-0).  With both teams having the same win record, it should prove to be a tight contest and may go down to the wire. Anubis’ starting quarterback Jake, who is 2nd in the league for TD passes with 12 touchdown passes thrown in 3 games, is expected to return to the line-up but, his back-up Bimbo, led a good fight in his stead, with some veteran style plays in the last game against the Gidirons.  Controversial refereeing decisions could also be sited in that epic game. The Trogons will definitely not want the polls to be right if they are to maintain their momentum and keep up with the steamrolling Anubis who haven’t looked like slowing down.

Have a look at the poll results for yourself!


Bare, starting quarterback of the Black Panther (0-4-0), is heading to a must-win game as he tries to arrest the sinking season of the Black Panther.  With 4 straight losses and some close games, he has the skills and weapons to put in a good fight. With a few new additions to the Black Panther through the drafts, Bare will be hoping these were the missing soldiers of the Wakanda warriors.

The fans, however, are split in the prediction that in this Week 6 game the Black Panther have what it takes to finally break the losing streak.  Will Vibranium make a difference on Sunday?


There’s one player in the league who is rarely heard.  Perhaps no-one has even heard him speak. But one thing is known, he is the Sack King!  With 37.9% of the pollers predicting he will lead the league in sacks. As it currently stands, Nonso is in fact leading the league with 4 sacks; that’s an impressive 1 sack per game. Let’s also add that he is the only player to have batted the ball up, caught the ball, and scored.  You may not hear his voice but you will know his name and respect his game. A true Wakanda Warrior!

Black Panther Sack King

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