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Game Preview: Anubis vs Trogons

This Sunday’s fixture, (22/4/18), between the Trogons and Anubis is shaped up to be a game with great rewards. With little over two weeks for the curtains to fall on the present season, this clash has been tagged an “all or nothing” encounter. With the coveted championship spot on the line, neither team will be looking at any other thing short of a victory.


Trogons have managed to put themselves back in contention having recovered from a loss to The Gidirons with a convincing victory against the Black Panther. Their intentions were made clear by registering the first shutout in the league. With the job done, their focus was shifted to the Anubis vs The Gidirons game, which would make clearer the path of their journey to the championship spot.

Anubis have a 2-0-0 Head to Head over the Trogons

Anubis have had a great three weeks coming into the last game week. Coming off with victories against The Gidirons, Trogons and Black Panther. It was almost certain that the championship spot was a place in waiting for the Anubis till The Gidirons displayed a game with great defensive solidarity to come out with a victory. The game 3 between Anubis and The Gidirons will stay in the hearts of the players and fans as it showed great strength between both teams in attacking and defensive plays. One point of reference was the third and fourth quarters where most part of it was played without a point being scored by both teams.


The game this week between Trogons and Anubis has been poised to deliver a higher level of performance due to what is at stake. Anubis emerges as a slight favorite having beaten the Trogons on two previous meetings in the league but with the big prize at stake all records will count for nothing except the performance on the day.


Season win record

Trogons vs Anubis

4-3-0     vs     5-2-0


written by: Sheni


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