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The Gidirons Remain on Iron Throne. Black Panther Lose in Wakanda

It’s been only Week Two in the Shitsuke (Coed) Flag Football League, but the fun and excitement is already peaking. Big plays, big catches, big interceptions and defensive
plays have already become a weekly staple in the league and this Sunday’s games have definitely lived up to their billing.

The early game was a game between two teams that wanted to make a statement and put their stamps on the league proceedings. Trogons where coming off a win last week against Black Panther and Anubis had lost their season opener to Gidirons Athletics. Before the game kicked off at 1130am, you knew this game was going to be competitive. And it was, indeed. After a tough fight
from the Trogons, Team Anubis where able to hold on to their lead and get their first win of the season. They are hoping this is the momentum that they need to get in the thick of things, the rest of the season.

Final score, 20-13.

Black Panther, was also a game of statements as well. Like Team Anubis, Black Panther had also lost their season opener to Trogons, and needed a win to get back on track. The Gidirons Athletics
seemed to think otherwise. They wanted to add to their win column and they came out and did just that. The game was still very close in the 3rd quarter with Gidirons only have a 9-0 lead on Black Panther. Going into the fourth quarter, the Gidirons went on a two touchdown run and never looked like they would let this one slip. The final score was 28-6 in favor of Gidirons, making them the only undefeated team in the league, so far.

This Sunday’s games are looking to be just as exciting with Trogons looking to right the ship and Gidirons trying to remain undefeated. Also Anubis hope to extend their wins while Black Panther looks to get their first win of the young season. So grab your popcorn, grab your partners and friends and come check out what looks to be another epic Sunday at Shitsuke (Coed) Flag Football League!

See you at Leisure Sports Park!


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