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In This I Am Content [poem by Ore Badmus]


In solos,

Twos, threes they trooped in,

Feet ready, game ready,

Hands met in hello.

Word on the street,

‘this crowd is open, warm.’

Hearts unprepared warmed,

Friendships formed,

Bonds made,

Pacts created.

Drama? Yes drama.

In this a family birthed

All about the ball

And then more.

In solos, twos, threes,

Whatever each found will thrive.

In this, I am content.


He found a release

She found an escape

They found

A clean pair of heels

From boredom

Days of doldrums are forgotten

to the beat of the blood pumping through the veins.

Ever ready, game ready.

In this, I am content.


Oh, what won’t they give?

What won’t they suffer

To keep the high?

They bear the pain of bruises,

Endure the ache to the Achilles,

Knees are fated to be worked Sunday in, Sunday out.

And when there’s a sit out,

Seats burn at the brush of a bottom,

Feet anxious to be out there,

Eyes on the gold,

Laying waste to any flag in the way.


Each found something.

In this, I am content.

written by Ore Badmus

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