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Interview with the Gidirons and Trogons.

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This week, we have been meeting up with team owners and players as they prepare for the last game of the regular season.  Today we are with the Trogons and the Gidirons. Both teams are still in contention for a championship spot with the Gidirons having a better record at 6-2; victory will seal them as the team with the best winning record.  The Trogons have to replicate last week’s record to be completely safe in the championship.

Here’s what they had to say to us



Owner, Nneka

SFF: Big win for you last weekend, 49-27, what clicked?

Nneka: For the big win I think we got into the zone and even after a slow start to the second half we found a way through. Sometimes those hard moments when things seem like they are falling apart are just what you need for the turnaround.


SFF: You’re 1-1-0 head to head with the Gidirons, what is the approach to this game?

Nneka: This one is obvious. Win.


SFF: It’s a weekend where it comes down to the wire, are you surprised by the balance of talent in the league?

Nneka: I’m not surprised at all. I asked the question of what happened with a multi-way tie very early in the season. This is something that was clear after the first two weeks of league play. The exciting thing is the growth seen from all players especially the new-to-football talent.

Women are also the key to this league and I think the quarterbacks are placing even more trust in them to make big plays — downs and touchdowns — at crucial moments.


Quarterback, Pelumi

SFF: You predicted a win last time we interviewed you, what’s your feeling about this next game against the Gidirons?

Pelumi: As predicted we won that game because the team spirit was superb, and we’re not going to deviate from that against Gidirons.


SFF: Your rivalry with Gidirons seems to bring out a flurry of big plays, is your offensive unit ready for another showdown?

Pelumi: Yes we are. I believe in every single Trogons player and I know that we are up for the challenge…shut out!


SFF: Last game saw you spread the ball more to your female receivers, something you haven’t done a it during the season, what’s working now?

Pelumi: Our ladies are hard-workers and can catch fast balls now which was a challenge before for me as a quarterback, but we are getting there and I know we have the best females in the league.


Wide Receiver, Donna

SFF: Congratulations Donna on your last game, you came up with some clutch scores, what’s the plan for the Gidirons?

Donna: Thanks, it was a really exciting game for me. It’s been a frustrating season with my ankle injury and I’m glad I was been able to deliver for the team right where we needed it most. Plan for gidirons is same again, just execute.


SFF: The Gidirons have the 2nd best defensive record in the league, how do you plan on finding the cracks?

Donna: I don’t think it’s about finding finding the cracks but elevating our game. Playing and acting like a team will get us the win.


SFF: This game can come down to points for a championship spot and your fate hinged on the afternoon fixture. Are you feeling the pressure?

Donna:  I’m taking a lot of confidence from our scoreline last game so I’m not feeling the pressure. We’ve illustrated we have depth in the team and everyone is a threat. Looking forward to facing off for the championship this weekend.


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