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Interview with the Gidirons and Trogons.

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Owner, Nike (Mamba)

SFF: You’re 6-2 going in as the best seeded team with the 2nd best offense and 2nd best defense. That should make for a tough game, no?

Nike: SECOND best but we’re at the top of the league? Mmmmkay. We take every game the same way and that’s what I love about our team. We always play to win but also while having fun and supporting each other. This being a deciding game in so many ways does add an extra later of pressure though.


SFF: Amazing and Bisola have become a dynamic duo with game changing skillsets, what’s key to their chemistry?

Nike: The Gidirons are a family. We genuinely like and respect each other and have fun together on and off the field. Amazing and Bisola have come along leaps and bounds under the expert stewardship of our QB and coaches (Sina, Howard and Mark), and their best is yet to come!


SFF: There are many roads to the Championship game as one of our articles point out this week, what’s your ideal travel route?

Nike: A win, duh!


Quarterback, Sina

SFF: Sina, you’re a master at spreading the ball across all your receivers, how do feel about the match-ups against the № 1 defense in the league?

Sina: I feel very confident with my teammates.  The matchups are not a point of concern. We know our strengths.  At this point we have seen all the defenses in the league and have played against Trogons defense twice.


SFF: With 4 points separating yourselves and the Trogons, this could be a game with either high scores or a defensive slug, what’s your approach to it?

Sina: As long as we keep to our game plan we should have not problems.  We have gone head to head with Trogons already. Each team should be familiar with each other’s offensive and defensive schemes.


SFF: Babse is your first choice target, leading the league with 12TDs from 47 receptions, does his absence change your strategy?

Sina: Actually, Babse is not the first choice.  He is one of the outstanding receivers in the league.  When you have such a player it’s impossible to contain him.  Our plays are designed with different receivers being first choice.  His absence will definitely be missed but we have others to step up into that role.  His absence will not change our strategy, We have always stayed in our game plan.


Wide Receivers, Ama and Bisola

SFF: Your chemistry is very important to your team’s success, how do you both do it?

Bisola: Ama is a great person on and off the field really. We hang out a lot off the field & get on pretty well, so on the field why won’t our chemistry continue on? If she scores a TD only thing to do next is score the next one. We mirror each other.


SFF: The Trogons have tough defenders on their roster, what’s your gameplan for them?

Bisola: No game plan at all for them, just another obstacle to get past. We’re gonna play like we practice.


SFF: Do you have an internal competition amongst yourselves for receptions and TDs?

Bisola: (laughs) none at all. If she scores a touchdown or makes a major catch it’s like I did it and vice versa. She’s a powerful player so I have to match that also. It’s not a competition at all between us, our success is the team’s success.

Ama: Wait, after this I still need to say something again?

Bisola: (laughs)


You don’t want to miss this showdown between the Gidirons and Trogons.

Date: 29/4/2018

Time: 11:00 AM kickoff

Venue: Leisure Sports Park, 39 Kusenla Road, Ikate-Elegushi, 4th Roundabout, Lekki

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