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Interview with Wakandans and Ancient Egyptians

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There is only one regular season game left in the inaugural Shitsuke Flag Football League and it has been a very eventful season with big plays, ball players, GIF wars, endless series of trash talk, tons of food, drinks and lots of fun! caught up with the teams from Wakanda (Black Panther) and Ancient Egypt (The Anubis).

They head into the Game 9 with the potential to change the dynamics of the league and the fate of May 13th.

We can’t wait to share with you what they had to say.



Owner, Chanel

SFF: We are witnessing a resurgence of the team from Wakanda, what’s responsible for this turnaround?

Chanel: The energy and spirit has always been there. Sometimes you just need to adjust and make some internal changes for the greater good to bring out the best in your team.

SFF: With a near victory for you last weekend, what are your chances going into your final game of the season?

Chanel: I’m not going to speak on chances. I just want my team to bring the same energy and determination they brought this last game and show everyone that we are competitors in SFFL. We want to keep the fun in the game – but we are contenders.

SFF: You may end up being the king makers by kickoff next weekend, what’s the plan for the game and any favourites in the championship fight?

Chanel: No favorites. Ha! You’re not going to put that kind of pressure on us. This Sunday we are going to go out there and play our hearts out. We are going to show everyone what we are made of and most importantly we are going to have fun!


Quarterback, Usman

SFF: You came very close to clinching your first win, what positives can you take away from it?

Usman: The positives there was my defensive team doing a great job by raising the team spirit and offence played better than we used to.

SFF: With 17 seconds to go, you decided to for the extra point with a 4 female receiver set, what was the gameplan for that move?

Usman: The plan was for Ricky to get open for a 3 point conversion coz she is the team best female receiver which would put the team up by 1 point but it didn’t go as planned.

SFF: Any pressure going into you last game?

Usman: I do not feel any pressure going into the last game coz we’re going to win.


Female Wide Receiver, Zainob

SFF: You were flying all over the place snatching flags, how do you feel going into this game against an Anubis side who need a win?

Zainob: Many thanks for the compliments on my past games. Going into the game with Anubis next weekend, I plan to help disrupt the game and have a ball while doing it. Gotta help even up the playing field for others too, ya know? I feel ready for a sweet game.

SFF: 17 seconds left in the game, you had 4 female receivers on, 80% chance of 3 points and a first win, the ball came your way, how did you feel?

Zainob: Ah, I was surprised it was coming my way but was ready for the ball until I ran into a wall of Gidirons men ready to tackle me. It sucked so hard to know we were that close and just couldn’t clinch it. I try not to dwell too much on it because it really is only a game, but I love to compete and that loss of the 3 points we needed bugs a lot. It would have been nice to throw a wrench in the current score board 😅. Either way, win or not, we had an amazing time making them earn every point…even the fouls that were not called.

SFF: Any favourites in the championship fight?

Zainob: No favourites, just rooting for an exciting and fair game. Ready to have a ball with any team that gets the win.

Black Panther

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