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Jackals Howl, Gidirons Thrust as SFFL Season Commences

Week 1 highlights of the Shitsuke (Coed) Flag Football League

The Shitsuke (Coed) Flag Football League officially kicked off on Sunday, February 18 at Leisure Sports Park, Lekki.┬áThe league is made up of four teams, namely – Black
Panthers, Anubis Flag Football, Gidirons Athletics and Trogons Flag Football.

The season opener was between teams Gidirons and Anubis. This was a very tough game for both teams as they had to work through their nerves and the jitters of playing in the season opener. After a very closely fought game and two lead changes, Gidirons where able to score on a late touchdown pass to go up 25-21. Team Anubis fought to get a late winner, but unfortunately came up short. The final score stayed at 25-21 in favor of Gidirons Athletics.

The second game was between teams Black Panthers and Trogons. The game also had moments of highlights and big plays. It stayed close and was well competed by both teams, until Trogons started to widen the gap. As with the earlier game, Black Panthers also mounted some good drives but seemed to come up short in the red zone. The final score of the game was 23-12 in favor of Trogons.

We expect both teams Anubis and Black Panthers to make necessary adjustments to address their red zone issues. Look to see some more improvement and excitement in this Sundays games, too.

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