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Welcome football fans to the Shitsuke Flag Football Fans Frenzy blog.


A long time ago, not so long ago, a great bunch of people had one major thing in common.  Football!

That’s where the story kinda starts.  We could go back in time though, but, let’s move on….

Well, Sundays became a the day to look forward to, we were going to be playing football on a pretty regular basis. All we needed was about 10 people and it was game on. We grew and grew, former players, newbies to the game, all walks of life. Until one day “stats” came in and that was it!  Stats changed the way we looked at one another, we had favourite teammates, and quarterbacks (both for touchdowns and interceptions).

The introduction of stats did one thing, it made people show up with their A game. Flag snatchers, sack masters, cannon arms, traffic wardens, speed demons, this community had everyone! Slowly then, whispers of a league formation began to go around, caught on like wildfire.

Within weeks after the All Star Game, alliances were formed, oaths sworn, promises made!

The Shitsuke Flag Football League was born!  Even the Commish had to get in on the action and show he is is still a dual threat!


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