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One on one with The SFFL Commish

The highlight of the week’s interviews is the catch-up with the Shitsuke Flag Football League Commisioner, Bimbo.

The Commish answered wide ranging questions from the start of the league, to his take on the team owners, the upcoming All Female Game, and the plans for Season 2.


SFF: Commish, first of all, congratulations in advance, on a successful inaugural season. How do you feel?

Commish: I honestly feel elated by the success of season one. Took a long time coming and even uncertainties as to how it would be accepted. But, we here now.

Black Panther, a team with tremendous heart and spirit. 

SFF: Let’s go back to the beginning, there was a reschedule of the start of the season from Feb 4 – Feb 18, what was the reason for that?

Commish: Obviously working with team owners on making sure we would be putting out the right product. Rules, drafts, sponsorship and some of the nuances that come with kicking off a recreational sports league. It was necessary and was the right thing to do, to kick things off right.


SFF: The teams have looked organised from the onset, no forfeits or cancelled games, what’s the working formula for that?

Commish: Excitement and the competitive nature of football. It’s the most significant team sports, on the planet and nobody wants to let the other man or woman, down. So yes, everyone shows up to play and compete each and every Sunday.

Trogons, known for their competitive spirit.

SFF: Tell us, briefly, about the owners and their team identities?

Commish: Each team carries a different identity, just as the owners. Team Anubis is co-owned by myself and Tinuke (Jaken). I will describe us as laid back kind of owners that like to have fun and always out for a good time. We are like a Drake record. Team Trogons is co-owned by yourself (William) and Nneka, and I can best describe you two as extra competitive. Emphasis on the “extra”😉. Black Panther went through new ownership and is now co-owned by Chanel and Olufunbi. Their personalities I can describe as “maternal” and “calm”. Olufunbi, isn’t maternal, 😆. The Gidirons are co-owned by Nike and Babse and I will describe them as calculated and structured and with a happy side. But truth is, if we all had the same personalities, – this would be a very predictable and boring league.


SFF: We’ve seen some big plays by the females on both sides of the ball, that must make you very pleased, right?

RIcky of Black Panther attempts to outrun Ama of The Gidirons during a league game.

Commish: It’s like a dream come true! The idea of making this a coed sport meant that there would be an amount of female players that would be entirely new to the sport. Meaning there would be a need to teach and encourage women to get into the sport. And I will say this here, there would not be any league success without the super plays that the women now put out, week in and week out! They add life and color to the league and flag football, and not just because we have some of the most beautiful and intelligent women in recreational sports – but because they bring it. And for that, I want to say  “THANK YOU, LADIES!!!


SFF: The championship fate isn’t decided yet, it could go any way. Did you envision such a balanced league in Season 1?

Commish: I did not see that the league would be as closely fought as it’s turned out. Of course, I thought Team Anubis would set the bar, but it’s been completely different. And that is what you want in any league. Competitive balance.

Donna of Trogons out maneuvers Ashley of Anubis to score a touchdown.

SFF: Do you have a favourite moment from the start of the season till present?

Commish: I have actually enjoyed every game of the inaugural season, thus far. Seeing big play after big play. Watching people, friends and fans cheering and supporting. There has been some epic battles and rivalries have been built. My most exciting moment used to be the opening Sunday. It felt damn good to see the season actually kickoff and even better, when things got in full throttle. But the best game of football I’ve seen has to be the battle between Team Gidirons and Team Black Panthers in Week 8. It was epic. Close, tight and fought till the end. But when you have a savvy veteran like Sina on your team playing QB, you just knew he was gonna try to find a way to win. Kudos to Black Panthers for giving the fans a bang for their buck. And it’s a great feeling that some of us older veterans in football, still come out here and put up numbers. Now that, is something you can’t teach. So I hope Sina and I will be back and competing, next season. More football to play!

The Gidirons vs Black Panther game (week 8) has been billed as the best game of the season by most in the league.

SFF: Season 2 is billed to start June 17, what should we expect to see?

Commish: I want the players to expect that the league will take the excitement meter up a few notches. There will be an announcement and communication to the league players to help with a smoother transition into season 2. Look, let’s face it. This first season has been a learning curve for me and I’m sure for the team owners as well. I needed to take a seat back and look at every facet of what we have and how it’s moving. I want to make it more fun for new and old players. I want to reduce tension on teams and around the league. I want to make it super attractive to corporate sponsorship and to make this the biggest coed recreational sports league, in the country. I believe we have a solid core and foundation of people to help drive this forward. And not just the owners and players, I’m talking about the media heads in the group. Social influencers and let’s not forget, Henry and LSP and all they’ve done to allow this idea to flourish. But all that being said, I want people to look forward to a bigger league, next season. More fun, more excitement, more players, and more shit talking. Talking about shit talking, I think I have punished you a few times William. You better come get some “hands clinic” time, during the off season. Lol, just messing. It’s all love.


SFF: Rumours of new expansion teams, what’s the league’s official position on this?

Commish: Official announcement…we are expanding and adding a new team next season! I’m excited by the growth and the interest that the league has created. This, is a good thing. And I hope we continue to grow until we have go now create divisions in the league to accommodate the teams. But it’s great and I’m glad to be able to add them into the ownership family. They are really good folks and people will welcome new teams. People have plenty of love for flag football and the SFF family and like Nas said in ’94…”It Ain’t Hard To Tell”.

The Gidirons

SFF: The All Female Exhibition Game, tell us about this?

Commish: The women’s game, is a serious high for me. Ok, here’s what’s up – the coolest OG in my corner is my mum and I’ve got a couple of sisters. They inspire me and I Love these ladies, to death. I’ve always wanted to be in sports games that also allows women to compete, in the same games. And all my time in flag has been playing on many coed teams. So when I started flag, I just knew that it had to be coed. And I am glad that I didn’t change that concept. Look at what we have, now! So when it was whispered in my ear by one of the most improved players in the league (Amazing), little did she know that she was right on the money. And when Bisola echoed the sentiment, I knew we had to do this. A women’s game suggested by women, for women and organized by women (thank you Niks). It’s a beautiful thing. So please,  let’s make this happen now and every season. Thank you, ladies!


SFF: May 13th, what do you have planned for the Championship Game?

Commish: Music, excitement, food, people and love. No matter what teams end up in the championship, let’s all keep the love that’s built this league and make it an event. Let’s keep this going and let’s come out to the championship game with all the energy in the world.  Because I’m guaranteeing it’s going to be nothing but fun!


SFF: Any final words?

Commish: Final words..


Henry and LSP, you’re the man brada. Glad we connected on this. Power up.


Eternal thank yous and appreciation to all the team owners for all the hard work that they have put in, to making this happen. From rules to the website and week to week activities, they have been driving forces and to them, I tip my hat. They, deserve some accolades🙌🏿.

Bimbo, also wears multiple hats as player and co-owner of Team Anubis.

To everyone in the league and to SFF fam..thank you, so much. Football is deep in my veins, but having a great group of positive people like you has made it so much brighter. From my heart of hearts, thank you for taking this journey with me. Thank you for being beautiful competitors and for building great bonds, even outside football. And most off all, thank you for letting my passion be a part of yours, too.


SFF: Thank you, the people will love this.

Commish: Cheers. 🙌🏿

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