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Trogons claw back into championship contention

written by Sheni

Trogons brighten their chances for the championship playoffs.

Trogons defeated Anubis by 49-27 to enhance their chances of making the championship. The game was a close contest up until the early parts of the 3rd quarter before the Trogons started to pull away.

This game was tagged an ‘All or Nothing’ encounter and the pressure was telling as both team slugged it out to ensure they came out on top.


An early touchdown was achieved by the Trogons to set up what would be an impressive all round display by the entire team. The Anubis were able to respond with a pick six and a subsequent touchdown by Ashley. Their momentum was however reduced due to repeated drop balls, missed opportunities and turnovers.


The second quarter saw two touchdowns scored by Donna and Malaika to give the Trogons an additional 16 point score.

Big score: Trogons WR Donna puts points 8 points on the board

The Trogons came into the third quarter with a lead of 23-12. Anubis rallied to fight back with a cool as you like catch by Ashley to convert a touchdown which was immediately followed by an extra point conversion by Bimbo. Suddenly the game turned its head into a much closer contest at 23-21. With a close scoreline, the Trogons let the pressure creep in which led to a miss on all their plays and an immediate turn over for Anubis. Led by quarterback Jake, the Anubis attacking troops saw this as an opportunity to move ahead in the scoreboard. The opportunity came when Trogons defensive back Malaika was penalised for a pass interference on Sandra. The referee moved play by 10 yards to a position closer to the Trogons end zone. Bimbo capitalised on the opportunity to score a touchdown and gave Anubis the lead at 23-27. They narrowly missed out on an additional extra point to enhance their scores.

With the game looking to be slipping away from the Trogons, the captain immediately called a timeout to calm the nerves of his players. This immediately paid off with quick catches by William to move within inches for a first down which was followed by a touchdown by Temitayo. The Trogons gained the lead to move 29-27

The Trogons were not done here as they immediately had an overturn with Pelumi impressively getting a pick from Anubis’s first play. With a few seconds to the end of the quarter, the Trogons had the chance to pull away from Anubis on the scoreboard but for a timely intervention by veteran defensive back Otu to block off Temitayo’s attempted touchdown.

The fourth quarter started with a fourth down for Trogons, which saw the Trogons players narrowly miss a touchdown with inches and a flag violation offense. Their efforts finally paid off with Fagha scoring a hard fought touchdown to move the points to 35-27.

It was Anubis’s turn to respond, Sandra was quick to catch a pass which was stopped by Donna and therefore could only achieve a first down. At this point Anubis were throwing everything they’ve got to achieve a touchdown with Ashley once again being the focus, as she has proven to have safe hands. However, she was closely watched by Malaika who blocked off a potential touchdown from happening. The rest of the Anubis plays was closely marshaled by the Trogons defense, with good work from Ali and Pelumi.

Aerial battle: The game lived up to it’s billing “Battle of the Wings II”

Having shut out a chance for Anubis to score during their offensive play, the Trogons now had the opportunity to stretch their scoreline. They immediately went long towards William, but Otu displayed his athleticism with a diving bat down to prevent William from scoring a touchdown. The next play saw Donna fend off Averi to score an amazing touchdown for a more handsome scoreline of 43-27. Bimbo subsequently prevented an extra point score to get an Anubis turnover. However, the Trogons weren’t done. Pelumi was well alert to get an interception and weaved round 3 Anubis players for a touchdown and extended the score to 49-27. Otu continued his impressive defensive play by helping his team get a turnover via a pick during Trogons extra point play. At this point the game was far spent with just a few seconds left on the clock. Anubis went with a couple Hail Mary passes to score a quick touchdown but the Trogons defense wasn’t in a generous mood to let anything slip.

The referee brought the game to a close for an impressive win for the Trogons.

Speaking with both owners after the game, an excited William was asked how he felt to have won the game in a convincing manner to enhance their chances of a championship spot. He responded by saying “I don’t think anyone has scored 49 points in the league, we are pace setters, we shut out and we put up high scores. I’m just glad that we won and it’s amazing”.

Bimbo of Anubis was also available for a few words. We asked him how he felt about the results, knowing this was not what he wanted going into the game. His response was “it feels really bad, it feels really terrible now but the way the situations is now because of the head to head, we are still second, they (Trogons) are third, the only way we would lose out next week is if they beat Gidirons next week and we lose to Black Panthers. So our game next week is the most important game of our season”.


MVP: Donna


Final score 49-27;

Trogons (5-3-0), Anubis (5-3-0)


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