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Where Are They Now?? – All Star Players

  1. Chuma: Joined the Trogons, was only able to play 3 games. Now co-owner, with Ashley, of the new team the Rebels.
  2. Temmy: Joined the Trogons, defensive captain and stand-out defensive player.
  3. Sina: Joined the Gidirons, General Manager and still the coolest quarterback under pressure.
  4. Will-I-Am: went on-owns the Trogons with All Star opponent Nneka. The rabbit still has his juke moves.
  5. Babse: Got christened the Lightning Monkey. Co-owns the Gidirons with All Star opponent, Nike.  Only player to have won the All Star, SFFL Championship and Pro Bowl in a calendar year.  Led the league with touchdowns.
  6. Sandra: Team Elitebox captain, OBJ, joined the Anubis. Was also quarterback for Team Onamaris at the All Women’s Exhibition Game.  Relocating to The Netherlands.
  7. Howard: Joined the Gidirons. Defensive captain and vocal leader of the reigning champions and led the league in interceptions.
  8. Emeka: Joined the Anubis, earned the nickname “Prac-Teese” for his absence at team practices but stand-out performance on gameday. Famously held a press conference for his re-signing with Anubis for Season 2.
  9. Nneka: Team JJVOO captain, Nne, went on to co-own the Trogons with opponent Will-I-Am and won with Team Venom at the All Women’s Exhibition Game.
  10. Nonso: Joined the Black Panther. Still leads the league in sacks.
  11. Fagha: Joined the Trogons. General Manager and offensive coordinator.
  12. Toks (Skotty): Joined the Anubis, missed the entire season due to a knee injury. Coming back stronger with a point to prove to the league.
  13. Kola: Joined the Black Panther and is still a star hybrid player.
  14. Kimbo: went on to co-own the Black Panther. Recently signed with the Anubis for Season 2.
  15. Alice: Missed most of Season 1 due to work schedules. Came back in time to win the Championship with Gidirons and Team Venom at the All Women’s Game.  Recently signed with the Rebels.  Also the only female player to have won the All Star, SFFL Championship and All Women’s Exhibition Game in a calendar year.
  16. Nike (Mamba): went on to co-own the Gidirons with opponent Babse. Won the SFFL Championship and All Women’s Exhibition Game with Team Venom.
  17. Dipo: Gandalf joined the Gidirons. Instrumental in the team’s early season form. Has had his #11 shirt retired by the Gidirons since relocating to The Netherlands.
  18. Chuck-D: Joined the Trogons and is still a flying standout defensive back.
  19. Big Tak: Joined the Black Panther and brought veteran leadership to the team.
  20. AY Prime: Joined the Gidirons. Won the SFFL Championship. Had a spectacular Championship game.


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